Media Strategy Consulting for Marketers & Media Companies

Innovation is what excellence looks like during times of rapid transformation.

McLaughlin Strategy has helped media companies grow ad revenues for the past six years. In 2017, McLaughlin Strategy pivoted to working directly with the advertiser.

The industry was redefined in 2015 and 2016 when media agency reviews by dozens of major marketers plus two major publications released by the ANA created the demand for stronger and more strategic relationships between marketers and media companies.

McLaughlin Strategy now works with marketing executives who are recognizing the need to take more responsibility for media strategy in-house. The deliverables include:

ØRefined brand strategies that improve media investments
ØEvolved KPIs that incorporate brand equity objectives
ØTight guidelines for in-house versus agency responsibilities
ØImproved value from the most important media companies
ØIntegration of marketing and procurement best practices
ØNew ideas for leveraging the power of MarTech  

Mark McLaughlin understands advertising value from the point-of-view   of the stakeholder. He has two decades experience in marketing, media and advertising strategies. Working with dozens of Fortune 500 companies in every major field from politics to packaged goods, Mark is recognized for treating advertising as an investment in brand equity and sales returns.

Mark’s career developed at ad agencies where he was one of  the first senior agency executives to re-think strategy in the context of digitally empowered consumers. This led to roles as a founder of the first company to focus on rich media and to leadership positions running digital agencies for IPG and Havas. Before starting his own consultancy, Mark worked at Yahoo! positioning the company as a strategic partner  for ad agencies and the 100 Leading National Advertisers. 

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